EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2016 Num. article: 2016/156

First record of Euphorbia graminea in Italy

In December 2015, a large population of Euphorbia graminea (Euphorbiaceae) was recorded in the North-Western part of Sicily (IT), in the territory of Boccadifalco near Palermo. The population was found growing along the edge of a countryside road. The population is recorded as well established with approximately 300 individuals growing in an area of 150 m2. The authors hypothesized that E. graminea was introduced accidently; possibly via horticulture as there is a garden centre just 150 m from the naturalised population. This is the first time that E. graminea has been recorded in Europe. E. graminea is native to North, South and Central America and is recorded as an invasive species in Hawaii, Taiwan, Galapagos Islands, Palau, India, the US (Florida and California) and Nigeria. In the EPPO region, E. graminea has been recorded in Israel growing in nurseries and their surrounding areas, but in Israel the species has not become established in semi-natural habitats.


Scafidi F, Raimondo FM, Domina G (2016) First record of Euphorbia graminea (Euphorbiaceae) in Italy. Flora Mediterranea 26, 25-30.