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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2016 Num. article: 2016/131

Updated situation of Tecia solanivora in Spain

In September 2015, Tecia solanivora (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae – EPPO A2 List) was detected for the first time on mainland Spain (EPPO RS 2015/202). The pest was found in the municipalities of Neda, Ferrol and Narón, in the province of A Coruña, in the Autonomous Region of Galicia. Adult specimens had been caught in coloured traps deployed by the NPPO following reports made by growers of unusual galleries in potato tubers. Most of these potato fields were intended for self-production and no significant damage was observed. Phytosanitary measures were implemented to eradicate the pest including: establishment of demarcated zones, field surveys with traps, measures and surveys in warehouses, information campaign about the pest and training of technicians. In December 2015, 2 other outbreaks were identified in Galicia, in the municipalities of Xove and Viveiro. T. solanivora was found in potato tubers intended for self-consumption in 2 private warehouses. Measures were taken in infested potato warehouses, in the fields from which the potato tubers originated, and in the demarcated areas around infested sites. Surveys are being carried out to determine the distribution of the pest.
The situation of Tecia solanivora in Spain can be described as: Present, only in some areas; Islas Canarias (under official control) and Galicia (under eradication).


NPPO of Spain (2016-05).