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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1974 Num. article: 1974/11

Report on Dutch elm disease in Denmark

“An attack of Dutch elm disease, Ceratocystis ulmi (Buism.) C. Moreau, was recorded in Denmark in 1955. The disease was recorded on two elms in an avenue in the northern neighbourhood of Copenhagen. The infected trees were immediately felled and burnt.

During the intervening years, but most intensively quite recently the disease has been systematically searched for, not only in the area north of Copenhagen where it was found in 1955, but all over the country. The investigations have given the result, that the disease has not been recorded here in Denmark since 1955. Therefore it is our decision that this plant disease does not exist in Denmark any longer.

In further support of this view we may add, that one of the most important vectors of Dutch elm disease, Scolytus multistriatus, has never been reported in Denmark, and another important vector, Scolytus scolytus, has earlier been reported on Zealand, but not since 1950. This, we suppose, must be the principal reason why the disease has not been spread in our country, nor has been able to establish here again at a later date.”