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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1974 Num. article: 1974/09

Prohibition against sowing of barley in Denmark

Prohibition against sowing of barley during the period August 1st to February 1st
(Regulation of July 27th, 1973)
Sowing of barley is prohibited from August 1st to February 1st.
Sowing of other cereals mixed with or contaminated with barley are also prohibited during the same period.
The Minister of Agriculture can exempt from the regulation with reference to experimental aims.
The Plant Protection Service can order re-ploughing on an area sown in contravention of the regulation.
The prohibition is in force until August 1st, 1978.
Dangerous leafspot diseases on winter barley can be transmitted to spring barley very early in the growing season. This early transmission will often result in yield decrease up to 50 per cent, in some cases even more.
The area with spring barley in Denmark covers about 50 per cent of the agricultural land and about 82 per cent of the total area with cereal.
This crop is of course very important for agriculture from an economic point of view.


Plant Protection Service, Denmark (1974-08-20)