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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1974 Num. article: 1974/05

Report on fireblight in Japan

No fireblight in Japan

According to a formal statement sent to EPPO on 13 February, 1974 by Mr H. Fukuda, Head of the Plant Protection Division of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Tokio, Japan has not been infected with Erwinia amylovora. It appears now that the occurrence of fireblight reported by several Japanese authors was based on misidentifications.
The assurance given by Mr Fukuda is supported by the opinion of the Japanese specialists Okabe and Goto both of whom are among the world's leading plant bacteriologists.
Under these circumstances and after having seeked the advice of several non-Japanese bacteriologists, it is proposed to accept this situation.


Ministry of Agriculture, Tokio (1974-03-04)