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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1974 Num. article: 1974/04

Regulations in connection with fireblight in France

Regulations in connection with fireblight
The Order of 13.12.1973 (Journal Officiel of 13.1.1974), issued by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, modifies the Order of 29 September, 1961, relating to the importation of plants and parts thereof of the family Rosaceae.
  1. The importation of all consignments (except for transit) into Metropolitan France, including Corsica, of plants and parts thereof (fruit and seeds excluded), cut flowers, leaves and branches of the plants belonging to the genera Crataegus L., Cotoneaster B. Ehrh., Cydonia Mill, Malus Mill, Pyracantha Roem, Pyrus L., Sorbus L. is prohibited unless the following requirements are met :
a) no symptoms of fireblight (Erwinia amylovora(Burrill) Winslow et al.) must have been observed in the place of cultivation nor in any adjacent field, during the entire growing season prior to export.
b) all consignments should be accompanied by a health certificate bearing the additional declaration "La réglementation phytosanitaire française est respectée" (Requirements of the French Phytosanitary Regulations have been met).
2) The Order of 29 September, 1961 related to the import of plants and parts thereof of the family Rosaceae is herewith superseded.

Paris, 14.2.1974


Plant Protection Service, Paris (1974-02-15)