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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1975 Num. article: 1975/04

Importation of poplar cutting and seedlings in France

Order of 13 March, 1975

A derogation of the Order of 12 May, 1952 prohibiting import of Populus spp. (cuttings and seedlings) from all proveniencies has been adopted according to which imports of cuttings and seedlings of poplars from Member Countries of the European Economic Community are authorized, providing the following conditions are met :

  1. The cuttings and seedlings must be derived from clones of poplars listed in the record of cultivated species and varieties and must be accompanied by an official plant health certificate established by the exporting country.

  1. The cuttings and seedlings must come from an establishment where official plant health inspection is practised and where, in the course of the whole vegetation period preceding dispatch, no symptoms of Septoria musiva Peck., Melampsora albertensis Arth. and Hypoxylon pruinatum (Klotzsche) Cke. have been observed on these commodities. Similarly, no symptoms referring to virus diseases should have been found on the mother plants used for the conservation of clones in these establishments.

All consignments must be accompanied by a plant health certificate on which the additional declaration reads as follows “the French plant health regulations have been observed”.