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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1976 Num. article: 1976/05

Spanish Order of 4th December, 1975 regulating the use of certain persistent pesticides

To come into effect 1st January, 1977

Considering that the use of very persistent products, including notably the group of organochlorines, has caused problems of contamination of the environment and food, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture has, in addition to the Order of 22 March, 1971 regulating the use of DDT, taken the following measures :

1.The commercialisation, sale and use in the National territory of the following products is forbidden :
- aldrin
- dieldrin
- endrin
- heptachlor
- chlordane

2. The free sale and use in agriculture and forestry of all products which contain :
- HCH (mixture of isomers)
- chlorinated canfene
- polychlorinated terpenes
is forbidden. Only phytosanitary services can decide to what extent these products may be applied in the framework of official control operations.

This Order renders null and void articles 3 and 6 of the Order of 22nd March, 1971.


Ministry of Agriculture, Madrid (1976-02)