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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1983 Num. article: 1983/01

New record of plum pox virus, fireblight and coffee leaf rust

Appearance of plum pox virus in Cyprus

The Plant Protection Service in Cyprus reported that an infection by plum pox virus was discovered in June 1982 on apricot at Argaka (Paphos district). During 1983, the disease was found on a larger scale in the same area, as well as in nurseries at Triboukia and Saittas (Troodos mountain area) on peach and apricot mother plants. About 20 trees were uprooted and destroyed. A survey for the distribution of the disease will be carried out in 1984 and regulatory measures will be taken for eradication of the disease.

New infection by fireblight detected in Luxemburg

Following information from the Luxemburg Plant Protection Service, Erwinia amylovora was detected for the first time in Luxemburg on plants of Cotoneaster salicifolius floccosus. The infected plants were uprooted and destroyed, following the phytosanitary regulations of Luxemburg. A survey is being made to check on possible spread of the disease.

Distribution of coffee leaf rust

According to recent information from FAO, an outbreak of coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix) has been discovered in a 4 ha plantation at Chinchina Caldas (Colombia), now officially declared under quarantine.


Plant Protection Service, Cyprus
Plant Protection Service, Luxemburg