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EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 1983 Num. article: 1983/01

New infection by Erwinia amylovora in France

New infection by Erwinia amylovora detected in the département of Loiret

During June 1983, an infection by Erwinia amylovora was found at St. Cyr-en-Val (near Orléans) on pear-trees of the variety·«Passe-Crassane», located in 2 adjacent orchards (including Passe Crassane and Beurré Hardy trees) of less than 4 ha total area. These orchards are located in the immediate vicinity of a horticultural nursery commonly receiving imported plants.

The trees found to be infected as well as those next to them were immediately rooted out and burnt in the field; plants of susceptible genera within 500 m of the orchards will also be destroyed.

A detailed survey is already taking place in the region. Regulatory provisions have also been taken for the whole/area in which compulsory control measures are being organized.

Infection at St. Julien-en-Genevois (Haute Savoie)

In 1981, an infection by Erwinia amylovora ·had been found on Cotoneaster spp. originating in the Netherlands, located in a nursery at St. Julien-en­Genevois (see RSE n° 442).

In 1982, following the measures taken, no further symptoms were found in the vicinity of the outbreak.

However, in May 1983, an ornamental apple-tree was found to be infected by Erwinia amylovora. It was immediately rooted out, together with adjacent susceptible plants. Treatments with copper-based products. (170 g/hl of Cu) were made in the vicinity.        ·


Plant Protection Service, Paris