EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1983 Num. article: 1983/01

Quarantine Manuals

Two important publications in the field of plant quarantine will shortly be available from FAO:

A) FAO International Plant Quarantine Treatment Manual

A detailed manual on quarantine treatments, covering:
1) Introduction to plant quarantine treatments·
2) Chemotherapy for the control of plant pests
3) Thermotherapy for the control of plant pests
4) Stationary fumigation facilities
5) Special treatment procedures
6) Treatment equipment and materials
7) Safety and emergency procedures
8) Guide to international treatment schedules
  • Guidelines
  • Treatment schedules for plant pests associated with
  1. fruits, vegetables and edible nuts and seeds
  2. propagative materials
  3. c)·miscellaneous materials of plant origin
  4. contamination of cargoes, containers, etc.

B) Operational Procedures and Practices for Post-entry Plant Quarantine Stations

1) Introduction
2) Site security and accessibility
3) Site sanitation
4) Disinfection of glasshouses
5) Cleaning, sterilizing and storing laboratory equipment
6) Protective clothing
7) Planting media
8) Inspection and handling of imported material
9) Routine glasshouse surveillance
10) Virus indicator plants