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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1984 Num. article: 1984/01

Corynebacterium sepedonicum not present in Turkey

Because of a research report of the observation of C. sepedonicum in Central Anatolia. in.1962, this bacterium was _ included in Turkish phytosanitary regulations under the heading "Diseases locally distributed but which must not be present in import consignments". However, recent research work and surveys* have not confirmed the presence of this bacterium in Turkey. The consideration is raised that the original report was mistaken and the conclusion reached that C. sepedonicum does not exist in Turkey. It has accordingly been decided to place under the heading “Diseases the importation of which is prohibited” in Turkish regulations.

* l. Official field and storage certification controls in Central Anatolia in the last 4 years.
  2. M. Gündogdu & I. Karaca (1981). Confirming the factors and the ratio of bacterial diseases of potatoes in Izmir and its surroundings and investigation of the reactions of important potato varieties of the region.       J. Turkish Phytopath. 10. (2-3): 71 -75.
  3. Three-year surveys (1981-1983) in Central, Western, Northern and North-eastern Anatolia, leading to report by Dr L.J. Turtensteen (Wageningen) on Storage Diseases of Potatoes in Turkey (March, 1983).
  4. Surveys in 1984 by Ankara and Izmir Regional Plant Protection Research Institutes.


General Directorate of Plant Protection & Plant Quarantine