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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1986 Num. article: 1986/01

Fireblight in Egypt

Preceding and in parallel with the recent appearance of fireblight in Cyprus (RS 457) and Israel (RS 459), outbreaks have regularly been reported in Egypt since 1983 (none have been noted since a much earlier outbreak in 1964). A recent article:

       Van der Zwet, T. (1986). Identification, symptomatology and
       epidemiology of fireblight on Le Conte pear in the Nile Delta
       of Egypt. Plant Disease 70, 230-234.

describes the outbreaks on pear (in a limited area SE of Alexandria) and confirms that E. amylovora could be isolated (though blossom blight due to Pseudomonas syringae also occurs). The disease seems unlikely to present a serious threat to Egyptian pear production, since rainfall is too low and temperatures too high during the risk period in most seasons. The role of late bloom and of possible insect vectors, in disease spread is being investigated.


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