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EPPO Reporting Service no. 19 - 1987 Num. article: 1987/01

Modification of Previous Decision taken on 21 August 1987 concerning the temporary ban of certain imports (see EPPO Reporting Service RSE - 488)

The National Board of Agriculture of Finland decided on 1st September 1987 to allow the import of small plants and shoots (not in flower) of Saintpaulia during the period 24 September - 24 November 1987 under the following conditions:

  1. Frankliniella occidentalis does not occur in the place of production of the small plants and shoots;

  1. The importer undertakes to cultivate the imported plants under the supervision of the National Board of Agriculture and in a place approved by it;

  1. The importer must inform the National Board of Agriculture, sufficiently in advance of importation of:
       a) the name and address of importer;
b) quantities of plants intended for import;
c) time of arrival of consignment;
d) growing place within Finland;
e) details of the planting destination.

  1. The National Board of Agriculture must be informed in advance before each consignment is imported.

  1. The customs authority may only accept the plants for importation after inspection and approval by the National Board of Agriculture.

  1. Each consignment may only be imported if it has been cultivated in one place and as a single entity.

The temporary import prohibition (see EPPO Reporting Service RSE - 488) otherwise remains in force until 24 November 1987.


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