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EPPO Reporting Service no. 15 - 1987 Num. article: 1987/01

Status of Frankliniella occidentalis in EPPO region

The Secretariat obtained answers from 15 countries (AT, BE, CS, DE, DK, FI, FR, GB, GS, HU, IE, JS, LU, NO, PT) which break down as follows:

  • Never recorded: 10 countries (AT, BE, CS, FI, GS, HU, IE, JS, LU, PT)
  • Outbreaks occurred, but now eradicated:
2 countries (FR, NO). Four outbreaks occurred in France in 1986 and were eradicated. Norway noted a few outbreaks on Saintpaulia and beans.
  • Locally established: 3 countries (DE, DK, GB). FRG noted that the pest was only locally established in glasshouses, whilst the United­Kingdom noted that it had found the pest in several nurseries, generally shortly after import of planting material. The United-Kingdom noted that it is taking statutory action but that frequent introductions may prevent eradication.

Further information (Växtskyddsnotiser n°2, 1987) indicated that F. occidentalis has also been recorded in Sweden.


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