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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 1988 Num. article: 1988/02

Declaration on Phytosanitary Certificate for Canada regarding Yponomeuta malinellus

Because of a recent introduction of the apple ermine moth, Y. malinellus to Vancouver Island, and in order to minimize the risk of spread to other parts of the country, the Canadian Government now requires that, from September 1st 1988, all plants, nursery stock, and other propagative material of Malus spp., exported to Canada from Europe, will need to be certified free of the above named pest.
One of the following three declarations will be required on the phytosanitary certificate accompanying the material being shipped.

  1. “The Malus nursery stock in the shipment originated in a geographical area where the Apple Erwine Moth is known not to exist".


  1. "The Malus nursery stock was fumigated* with Methyl Bromide and the rate used was 'x' g/m3 for 'y' h at 'z' °C". Please give the stated rate used as per the attached schedule.

*NOTE: Where there is any doubt that apple nursery stock was produced under conditions that cannot be certified as being free of this pest, treatment with CH3 Br should be applied,


  1. "The Malus nursery stock in the shipment is free from Apple Erwine Moth based on a program* of regular orchard inspection and chemical control as stipulated by Agriculture Canada".

* Program requirements:

  1. Inspect all orchards in the spring to ensure freedom from infestation.

  1. If larvae are found during inspection, chemically or physically remove all tents and larvae and implement a regular cover spray program beginning at first flight to destroy flying adults.

  1. Orchards found infested in the spring must be re-inspected for egg masses in the fall.

  1. If egg masses are found, fumigation must be carried out on all Malus spp. exported from that nursery for the shipping season. ·

  1. Ensure Malus spp. in properties adjacent to the designated nurseries are also inspected and treated to control the pest.

The above declaration statements on the phytosanitary certificate are required in addition to all other declarations and statements required for other regulated pest for which Malus spp. are hosts.


Plant Health Directorate, Plant Health Division, Agriculture Canada.