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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1988 Num. article: 1988/10

Implants of granules for slow release of fungicides against Ceratocystis spp. in trees

Veldeman (1988) describes a system on which "Accurel granules" are implanted into the trucks of trees, and slowly release fungicides 'over the growing season. The holes in the trees are capped with plastic capsules through which it is possible to recharge the granules by needle injection. This system can be used for Dutch elm disease (Ceratocystis ulmi) and possibly also for canker stain of plane (Ceratocystis fimbriata f. sp. platani) - both EPPO A2 quarantine organisms. It may have potential for other pests (including insects).


Veldeman R. (1988) Possibilities of implants with "Accurel granules" for the protection of trees. (Paper presented at the 40th International Symposium on Crop Protection, Gent, 3rd May 1988).