EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/126

Outbreak of Spodoptera litura in the United Kingdom

In January 2010, the presence of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae – EPPO A1 List) was detected on pot plants of Begonia hybrids in the South of England, United Kingdom. The outbreak was found in a glasshouse at a nursery site in Hampshire, in a Begonia crop produced from cuttings imported from the Netherlands. Sixteen larvae of Spodoptera spp. larvae have been detected, two of these have been confirmed as S. litura when they emerged as adults in quarantine. As of February 2010, no adults have been found in the nursery and therefore there is no evidence of a second generation. The nursery concerned is conducting regular checks for further larvae and monitoring for adults using light traps. Eradication is being pursued using a combination of insecticidal treatments and hand removal of larvae.
The pest status of Spodoptera litura in the United Kingdom is officially declared as: Transient, actionable, under eradication.


NPPO of the United Kingdom (2010-02).