EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1988 Num. article: 1988/02

Potential vectors of apricot chlorotic leaf roll MLO

Although Fieberiella florii has been mentioned in France, and in the EPPO data sheet on this A2-list MLO, as a possible vector, recent work in Valencia (ES) suggests that natural spread is occurring in areas where F. florii is absent. In these areas, Neoaliturus haematoceps and N. fenestratus are relatively abundant, and on the basis of transmission of other MLOs, seem the best candidates as primary vectors. Psammotettix striatus and Austroagallia sinnata are potential secondary vectors. Work is continuing to prove definitely how, and by which species, apricot chlorotic leaf roll MLO is transmitted.


Leacer G., Medina V. (1988) A survey of potential vectors of apricot chlorotic leaf roll. Agronomie 8 (1), 79-83.