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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1988 Num. article: 1988/05

Situation of plum pox virus in the USSR

A recent report by the Plant Protection Service of the USSR notes that plum pox virus has been reported from Moldavia (22 regions) and the Ukraine (region of Zakarpatskaja, Chernovtsy, Ivanofrankovsk, Crimea). The disease has also been reported in the republics of Georgia and Estonia but has not established in either of these republics.

In Moldavia, plum pox virus belongs to the chlorotic strain. It is transmitted by Myzus persicae, Braphycaudus helichrysi and Braphycaudus cardii.

Further information may be obtained in "virus and mycoplasma diseases of fruit crops and grapes" (1985) by Verderenskaya, T.D. and Marinescu, V.G.


Plant Protection Service, USSR.