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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1988 Num. article: 1988/04

New Growth Stage Keys

The Secretariat has noted the publication of the following growth stage keys:

  1. Growth stage keys of Brassica crops for crop protection purposes, by J. Theunissen and A. Sins (1984).
Available as a reprint from:
                                       Elsevier Science Publishers,
                                                P.O. Box 211
                                       1000 AE AMSTERDAM
                                             The Netherlands.

  1. Lutman, P.J.W. and Tucker, G.G. (1986).
Standard descriptions of growth stages of annual dicotyledonous weeds. Ann. appl. Biol., 110, 683-687.

  1. Growth stages on pome fruit.
Available as Merkblatt Nr. 27/15 from:        
                                       Biologische Bundesanstalt
                                       BRAUNSCHWEIG, FRG.

These will eventually be covered by EPPO's own series of Growth Stage Keys in Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin.


EPPO/OEPP Secretariat.