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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1989 Num. article: 1989/08

Results of questionnaire on distribution of Bemisia tabaci in EPPO countries

The following table on EPPO Distribution of. B. tabaci (EPPO A2 List) is compiled from postal replies and statements made to the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations. It also includes records from CABI map n° 284 (1986-06).

Country                        Status                        Comments

Belgium                Very local                Two records in glasshouses only

Cyprus                        Widespread                 -

Denmark                Very local                Found in two firms. The Danish Plant Protection Service is controlling infestation with pesticides.
                                               Trade in poinsettia propagation material is seen as the most dangerous means of spread.

France                        Locally established        Mostly on poinsettia and hibiscus

FRG                                                B. tabac has been repeatedly introduced to glasshouses, both from EPPO countries and elsewhere.
                                               Mostly on poinsettia. Eradication can be achieved by fumigating emptied glasshouses.

GDR                        Locally established        -

Greece                        Widespread                Mainly on cotton and tobacco without serious damage. Easily controlled chemically.

Guernsey                Intercepted on imports        Eradicated

Ireland                        Outbreaks occurred        -
                       but now eradicated.

Israel                        Present (CABI)                -

Italy                        Locally established        In glasshouses. Can be adequately controlled.

Jersey                        Intercepted on imports        On 4 occasions in 1987 on Poinsettias from GB and NL.
                       only                        Consignments destroyed. Not found in 1988.

Malta                        Never recorded                -

Morocco                Locally established        In the region of Béni-Mellal.

Netherlands                Limited distribution        Found first in 1987 on poinsettia. After a control/eradication programme,
                       and subject to                  only a few infestations are known and these nurseries are still under official control.
                       internal regulation

Norway                Local in glasshouses        First found on glasshouse poinsettias in 1987. Now widespread on this host.

Portugal                Present (CABI)                -

Spain                        Local                        In glasshouses. Locally outdoors.

Sweden                         Locally established        On poinsettia and begonia only.

Switzerland                Local                        Established in some glasshouses.

Tunisia                        Absent                        (CABI mentions a specimen found there in 1980)

Turkey                        Present (CABI)                -

United Kingdom        Outbreaks occurred        -
                       but now eradicated

USSR                        Locally established        Recorded as far back as 1964 in Crimea and the Caucasus on numerous wild plant species.
                                               At the end of 1987, B. tabaci was found in 3 regions of Turkmenistan on cotton, lemon, cucumber, tomato and some ornamentals.
                                               Steps are being taken to control its spread.




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