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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 1990 Num. article: 1990/08

INRA publication on Phytopharmacy in France

INRA has recently (1989) published a historical review of "Phytopharmacy in France". Authored by J. Lhoste & P. Grison, it presents the stages in development of a science which passed from the empiricism of the end of the last century to the ever more refined modern knowledge of mechanisms of action. INRA itself has been at the heart of these developments, under the continuous supervision of the successive Directors of the Institute. INRA depends on the Plant Protection Services to transfer technology to the user, and this highly structured service is constantly improving is performance.

A recent development is the creation of GRISPs which act as the contact points between research and extension services.

Besides the Plant Protection Services, several technical institutes work on specific crops, such as grapevine, and have had a major role in developing the methods for protection of that crop and in making them known to the growers.

The thorough review of French plant protection structures presented by the two authors also covers pesticide registration criteria, and the merits of cooperation with such international bodies as EPPO and IOBC. This publication is full of useful information and is an invaluable reference work.


G. Mathys (CH)