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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1990 Num. article: 1990/10

Advanced study course on Environmentally sound plant protection

An intensive three-week course on ‘Environmentally sound plant protection’ will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 1990-09-24 until 1990-10-13. The course, in English, with three hours of lectures and two hours of practical course or discussion each day, will concentrate on four topics: plant pathology and control measures against diseases; agricultural entomology and ecological entomology in pest control; plant protection chemistry; screening of herbicides and other pesticides. The course will be conducted by experts from Hungary, UK, USA, Netherlands and Czechoslovakia, and the cost will be USD 1790.
Further details can be obtained from:

Centre for Advanced and Postgraduate Studies Hungary
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H - 1051 Budapest
Arany Janos u. 1.IV .407
Telephone: . . 361 111-3899
Telefax: . . 361 112-7069


Centre for Advanced and Postgraduate Studies, Hungary.