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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1990 Num. article: 1990/02

Geographical distribution of Al and A2 leafminers

K.A. Spencer (in R.P. Kahn (ed.), Plant Protection and Quarantine, vol. II, pp. 77-98, CRC Press) reviews the present status of leafminers as quarantine pests. Pest Advisory Leaflet 23 of the South Pacific Commission provides further information. The following new elements are included on the geographical distribution of the species on the EPPO Al and A2 Lists:

  1. Liriomyza trifolii (A2 list)

The information in the published data sheet (Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin 14, 29-37) has already been expanded by Minkenberg (Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin 18, 173-182). Spencer adds all eastern and southern states of USA; Guatemala, Nigeria, Guam. The SPC adds: American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Tonga.

  1. L. sativae (Al list)

The data sheet information can be extended as follows: the pest is widespread in the Caribbean, Central America and·much of South America to Argentina and Chile. Also in Northern Mariana Islands, Vanuatu, and probably American Samoa and Western Samoa.

  1. L. huidobrensis (Al list)

The data sheet information can be extended as follows: most of south America at higher elevations; small populations in Central America and Dominican Republic; in USA, largely confined to California. In Pacific, only Hawaii. For recent distribution after introduction to parts of EPPO region, see Reporting Service n° 502.

  1. Amauromyza maculosa (Al list)

Not apparently rated by Spencer as a leaf miner of quarantine significance.


R.P. Kahn (ed), Plant Protection and Quarantine.
SPC Pest Advisory Leaflet 23.