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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1990 Num. article: 1990/04

Plum pox potyvirus (PPV)

Monoclonal antibodies with different epitope specificity for PPV (EPPO A2 List) have been studied (G. Himmler et al.; IAM, A1190 Wien, AT; abstract St. I-1-10) (M. Cambra et al., VIA, Moncada, Valencia, ES; abstract P. I-1-15). DNA and RNA probes for the virus had detection limits for the virus of 100 and 4pg. In indexing over 1000 field samples, over 99 % of ELISA-positive samples were positive by molecular hybridization, and the latter detected PPV in 78 % of ELISA-negative samples (C. Varveri et al., NRA, Pont-de-la-Maye, FR; abstract P. I-1-4).


Abstracts of the 5th International Congress of Plant Pathology, Kyoto (JP), 1988-08-20/27