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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1991 Num. article: 1991/02

Chrysanthemum stunt viroid detected in Brazil?

Leaves, stems and flowers from stunted chrysanthemums were collected from a commercial crop in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. The material was tested by R-PAGE (return polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) which revealed the presence of a viroid. Reinoculation tests on chrysanthemums and tomatoes showed dwarfing and chlorosis of young leaves or interveinal chlorosis and curling of leaves, respectively, after 30 days. The host range of the isolate was similar to that of chrysanthemum stunt viroid.

The authors assume that the detected viroid is a strain of chrysanthemum stunt viroid which would mean the first record of this viroid in South America.


Dusi, A.N. ; Fonseca, M.E.N. ; de Avila, A.C. (1990) Occurrence of a viroid in chrysanthemum in Brazil.
Plant Pathology 39, 636-637.