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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 1991 Num. article: 1991/08

New selective medium for isolation of Phialophora gregata

A new selective medium has been developed to isolate and enumerate Phialophora gregata (EPPO A1 list) from soybean straw and soil.
The new medium, designated as PGM, recovered significantly more colonies of P. gregata from soybean straw and soil organic debris than previously used selective media. Unwanted colonies of microorganisms were suppressed significantly by PGM.
Ingredients and preparation procedures for the new selective medium are:

       1000 ml destilled water
           20 g Difco Bacto agar
         129 g homogenized green beans
After autoclaving the following ingredients will be added.
          0,8 g copper sulfate (CuSO4)
          10 mg pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB)
The medium has to be adjusted to pH 5,5 with 25% lactic acid.


Mengistu, A.; Tachibana, H.; Grau, C.R. (1991) Selective medium for isolation and enumeration of Phialophora gregata from soybean straw and soil.
Plant Disease 75, 196-199.