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EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 1992 Num. article: 1992/12

Physiology and biochemistry of Erwinia amylovora

The in vitro behaviour of Erwinia amylovora towards some natural compounds was investigated by Scortichini & Rossi (IT). A wide range of essential oils, pure terpenes and terpenoids were tested and it was found that oregano oil, citronellol and geraniol showed some bactericidal activity.


The influence of chemical growth regulators on the host susceptibility of pear trees for fireblight was studied by Deckers and Daemen (BE). They found that the formation of secondary blossoms is positively influenced by the application of growth regulators which increases the danger of fireblight infections.


6th International Workshop on Fireblight, Athens (1992-10-20/23)