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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 1992 Num. article: 1992/08

Detection of Phytophthora sp.

In Oregon, US, studies were carried out to evaluate the sensitivity and clinical use of Phytophthora-specific Immunoassay kits.

Seventeen, species of Phytophthora collected throughout the world were the basis on which the immunoassay kits (type E) were tested as well as plants which showed specific Phytophthora symptoms. The studies showed that several Phytophthora species could be easily detected by the kit. Positive reactions with the immunoassay kit were produced by all Phytophthora sp., especially P. fragariae (EPPO A2 organism) and P. megasperma f.sp. glycinea (EPPO A1 organism) had high absorbance values. P. cinnamoni had the lowest absorbance value.
Cross reactions with Pythium spp. sometimes made the interpretation difficult, but the authors believed that if the test kit results are compared with the field histories and symptomatology, reliable results can be obtained.


Pscheidt, J.W.; Burket, J.Z.; Fischer, S.L.; Hamm, P.B.  (1992) Sensitivity and clinical use of Phytophthora-specific immunoassay kits.
Plant Disease 76, 928-932.