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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 1992 Num. article: 1992/03

Presence of citrus greening bacterium and citrus tristeza closterovirus in India

A survey was carried out in the North-Eastern States of India (Assam Meghalaya, Manipur and Arunadhal Pradesh) to determine distribution of citrus greening bacterium (EPPO A1 organism) and citrus tristeza closterovirus (EPPO A2 organism).

Symptoms of greening and tristeza were not observed on Citrus macroptera and C. indica growing wild in Meghalaya.  Vectors of greening and tristeza, Diaphorina citri (EPPO A1 pest) and Toxoptera citricida (EPPO A1 pest), were present on most of the surveyed trees.

The authors concluded that the results indicate that citrus greening bacterium and citrus tristeza closterovirus are present in Khasi orange and that tristeza is also present in Khasi line and Assam lemon in the North-East of India.


Bhagabati, K.N. ; Ahlawat, Y.S. ; Chakraboty, N.K. ; Borthakur, B.C.  (1989)  Distribution of greening, tristeza and mosaic diseases of citrus in North-Eastern States of India.
India Phytopathology 42, 552-555