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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2008 Num. article: 2008/021

Second Symposium ‘Intractable Weeds and Plant Invaders’.

The theme of the 5th International Weed Science Congress is “Weeds – local problems/global challenge”, and will be held on 2008-06-23/27 in Vancouver (CA). It will contribute to the core goals of weed research and weed management for better livelihoods and for conserving global biological diversity.
The main topics will be:
- Biology, dynamics and ecology of weeds,
- Integrated weed management,
- Modelling problems and solutions,
- Formulation and adjuvants,
- Regulatory, economic and social aspects,
- Herbicide resistance in crops and weeds,
- Biocontrol,
- Spread and management of invasive species,
- Aquatic weed management,
- Education and technology transfer in weed science,
- Environmental aspects of weed management,
- Spotlights on global weeds.


International Weed Science Society. http://iws.ucdavis.edu/5intlweedcong.htm