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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2008 Num. article: 2008/019

A Spanish law on Invasive Alien Species

On 2007-12-14, a Spanish Law on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity was approved. This law addresses the following topics:

Prevention and control of invasive alien species (Article 61):
  • It creates the Spanish catalogue of invasive alien species that functions on a regulatory basis and depends upon the Ministry of Environment. This catalogue will list invasive alien species and subspecies that represent a threat for autochthonous species or habitats, agriculture or economy on the basis of technical or scientific information.
  • Any addition to this catalogue will be done by the Ministry of Environment, upon the advice of the National Commission for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, and after proposal of local bodies or the Ministry itself, when technical or scientific information is available. Any citizen or organization can solicit inclusion or exclusion of species or subspecies from the catalogue, on the basis of a scientific debate.
  • Any addition to the Spanish catalogue of Invasive Alien Species incurs the prohibition of possession, transport and trade of dead or alive specimens or their propagules. This prohibition is subject to exceptions for reasons of research, health or security.
  • On a local scale, monitoring of alien species showing an invasive behaviour in other countries or areas will be conducted with the aim of proposing their inclusion in the Spanish catalogue of invasive alien species.
  • The Ministry of Environment and the local bodies will develop strategies for the management and possible eradication of the species listed.
  • The local bodies could establish catalogues of invasive alien species for their respective territories.
Infractions and sanctions:
Introduction of species listed in the Spanish catalogue of invasive alien species without an administrative authorisation is considered an administrative infraction.


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