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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2015 Num. article: 2015/148

Andean potato latent virus (APLV) split into Andean potato latent virus (APLV) and Andean potato mild mosaic virus (APMMV)

Andean potato latent virus (APLV) belongs to the genus Tymovirus and was included on the EPPO A1 List in 1978. In 2013, molecular studies of several isolates of APLV showed that they corresponded in fact to two distinct species: Andean potato latent virus (APLV) and a new species for which the name Andean potato mild mosaic virus was proposed. Usually APLV is latent but occasionally it can cause chlorotic netting of minor veins, mild or even severe mosaic. APMMV is usually symptomless or in rare cases shows mild mosaic. The implications these taxonomic changes have on the categorization and geographical distribution of both viruses are being discussed within EPPO. It has been proposed to add APMMV to the EPPO A1 List, but this remains to be approved by EPPO Council.


Kreuze J, Koening R, de Souza J, Vetten HJ, Muller G, Flores B, Ziebell H, Cuella W (2013) The complete genome sequences of a Peruvian and a Colombian isolate of Andean potato latent virus and partial sequences of further isolates suggest the existence of two distinct potato-infecting tymovirus species. Virus Research 173(2), 431-435.