EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 1993 Num. article: 1993/80

INFOEPPO again in operation

From the 1st of May 1993, INFOEPPO, EPPO's online information service, has been reopened after restructuring the software and some technical adjustment. The EPPO Secretariat, user-ID: EPPOHQ, is now providing information on all areas of plant quarantine and plant protection in form of newsflashes. Newsflashes entered during the first week of May 1993 include:

#199 11-MAY-93 Sysop: EPPO News Flashes
#200 11-MAY-93 Sysop: TROGGA - temperature sterilization
#201 11-MAY-93 Sysop: ANISAN - Eastern filbert blight
#202 11-MAY-93 Sysop: DACUDO - responses to papayas
#204 11-MAY-93 Sysop: HYPHCU - biocontrol
#205 11-MAY-93 Sysop: DACUCU - immobilization by chilling
#206 11-MAY-93 Sysop: LIRIHU - Control
#228 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: EPPO -PQR data base
#229 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: TR - Plant Protection Service
#230 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: FI - Plant Protection Service
#231 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: PSDMSO - Interception
#232 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: DACUCU - Eradication in JP
#233 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: TMBBXX - Transmission
#234 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: TMSWXX - Grapevine not attacked
#235 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: TYRONE - new cucumber pest
#236 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: TMYLCX - Tolerant tomatoes
#237 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: IOBC/WPRS general assembly in PT
#238 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: EPPO - non-European potato viruses
#239 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: GVFDXX - Identity
#240 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: European Journal of Plant Pathology
#241 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: IMNSXX - found widely in Europe
#242 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: TMYLCX - spreading in IT
#243 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: EMPNXX - equals elm yellows?
#244 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: EPPO - Data sheets on diskette
#245 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: CA - 6th Plant Pathology Congress
#246 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: CS - New ISO codes
#247 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: EPPO - Environmental Risk Assessment
#248 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: FUSAAL - supposed record in IT
#254 13-MAY-93 Eppohq: BURSXY - Survival of Pine Wood Nematode

Newsflashes stay in the system for a limited time only and are than deleted from the network. Some will later appear in fuller form in the Reporting Service. Please note the detailed log-on instructions for INFOEPPO (Reporting Service 521/01), and the following special instructions for newsflashes.

If you are not a registered user, enter as a new user, giving your details as the system requests and entering your USER-ID and password. EPPO wil then, within a day or two, register you as a user (phone if you want it more quickly).

If you are a registered user, follow the instructions for accessing Subjects (SIGs). On first access to the system, you will find yourself in SIG /Intro. Select a new SIG, entering /News. The system will remember the SIG you were in last when you contact it for the next time and you will then go directly into /News (unless you select otherwise).

To consult Newsflashes, there are two simple approaches:

1. Type RLB at the message "Select a letter....", then twice return. You will obtain a list of all newsflash titles. Note the numbers of the ones you want to read. At the next message, type RS followed by the number.

2. Type RK at the message "Select a letter....", then RETURN. The system will ask you for a keyword to search for. Enter word you are interested in: e.g. Germany; thrips; control. The system will find all the messages containing the word specified, somewhere in the title or text. You may also enter several keywords separated by spaces. You will then find the messages which contain all the words in the title or text. Note that upper and lower case are not distinguished, and that any strings of characters can be specified, whether a whole word or not. Thus entering "IT" (ISO code for Italy) will also find messages with the word Mediterranean, or Cucurbitaceae, or Smith. More help is available from the system by typing "?".

At any point in INFOEPPO, typing X in return to a question takes you back a step. In this way, you can always step backwards to a point you recognize. Note that the two short-cut approaches specified above are special cases of a more extensive set of possible replies, explained by the on-screen messages. Explore them as you wish.


EPPO Secretariat, Paris (1993-05)