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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2008 Num. article: 2008/002

Anoplophora chinensis found in the Netherlands

In December 2007, during specific surveys targeted at companies importing trees and bonsais from Asia, Anoplophora chinensis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae – EPPO A2 List) was detected for the second time in the Netherlands. It can be recalled that a single male adult of A. chinensis had been found on Acer japonicum in a private garden in 2003, but in the absence of any further occurrence, the outbreak was considered eradicated in 2006 (see EPPO RS 2006/099).
The new findings were made at 4 different locations: 1 public garden and 3 companies importing trees and bonsais from Asia. In the public garden, A. chinensis was found on 2 Acer trees in the western part of the Netherlands which is a densely populated region with very limited forests. On one of the trees (Acer platanoides or A. pseudoplatanus), at least 17 larvae and 8 exit holes were observed which suggested that the outbreak had been present since at least 2002. This public garden was located in the vicinity of a company which had been importing Acer palmatum trees from China, since at least 2000. At this company, several Acer trees with exit holes were observed. Surveys also revealed that A. chinensis occurred at 2 companies located in other parts of the Netherlands and these findings could be directly linked to imports (multiple imports from China and one import from Japan). Delimiting surveys in areas surrounding these companies did not result in any further findings.
Eradication measures are being implemented and will be completed by the end of April 2008 (before the emergence and dispersal of adults). In the public garden, the 2 infested trees will be removed and destroyed, as well as all Acer plants within a radius of 200-300 m and all other potential host plants within a radius of 100 m. At infested companies, all Acer trees belonging to the same consignments as the infested plants will be destroyed.
The pest status of Anoplophora chinensis in the Netherlands is officially declared as: Transient, only detected on Acer spp., under eradication.


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