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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1993 Num. article: 1993/57

Pathotypes of Synchytrium endobioticum in Germany

Studies in Germany showed that ten pathotypes of Synchytrium endobioticum (EPPO A2 pest) can be distinguished in Germany . Three pathotypes were only present in the former West German L„nder and five pathotypes only occurred in the former GDR. Two additional pathotypes can be found in both. The differentiation and identification of the pathotypes was carried out through inoculation of potato cultivars resistant to certain pathotypes of the pathogen. The authors suggest that the wart-resistance testing in the certification process for new potato cultivars can be limited to seven pathotypes since for the remaining pathotypes no certified test cultivars are now available.


Langerfeld, E.; Stachewicz, H. (1993) Pathotypen des Kartoffelkrebses (Synchytrium endobioticum) in den alten und neuen Bundesl„ndern.
Gesunde Pflanzen 45, 9-12.