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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1993 Num. article: 1993/55

Taxonomy of Phialophora gregata

In Japan, inoculation tests with Phialophora gregata (EPPO A1 pest) isolates from different hosts showed that the fungus can be distinguished into two formae speciales. Isolates from Vigna angularis were pathogenic to V. angularis and V. radiata. Isolates from soybean showed pathogenity to soybean and V. radiata, but not to V. angularis. Isoenzyme polymorphisms and DNA sequence homology showed a complete correspondence with the pathogenity.

The authors proposed the names P. gregata f.sp. adzukicola for the V.angularis pathogen and P.gregata f.sp. sojae for the soybean pathogen.


Kobayashi, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Negishi,H.; Ogoshi, A. (1991) Formae speciales differentiation of Phialophora gregata isolates from adzuki bean and soybean in Japan.
Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 57, 225-231.