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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1993 Num. article: 1993/50

Hostrange of Cronartium fusiforme

Studies were carried out in the USA to determine the host-range of Cronartium fusiforme (EPPO A1 pest). 45 pine species and cultivars (Pinus spp.) from all over the world were tested for their susceptibility to fusiform rust by inoculation with basidiospores. 26 species and cultivars were found to be susceptible and reported for the first time as hosts of the rust. 18 species and cultivars were confirmed to be hosts.

Pine species tested for susceptibility to Cronartium fusiforme

Geographic Percent
Pinus species Subsectionu occurrencev infection w,x

P. attenuata (knobcone pine) O WUS 96 a
P. cubensis (Cuba pine) A CB 94 ab
P. contorta var. Iatifolia (lodgepole pine)y CO WUS 90 aÄc
P. canariensis (Canary pine)y CA Cl 90 a d
P. contorta var. murrayana (lodgepole pine)y CO WUS 88 aÄd
P. caribaea var. hondurensis (Caribbean pine)y A CB 88 aÄd
P. caribaea var. caribaea (Caribbean pine)y A CB 87 aÄd
P. muricata (bishop pine)y O WUS 86 aÄe
P. ponderosa var. scopularum (ponderosa pine)y PO WUS 85 aÄe
P. eldaricaz Sy A 84 aÄe
P. radiata (Monterey pine)y O WUS 79 aÄf
P. roxburghii (Chir pine) CA A 77 aÄf
P. elliottii (Georgia slashÄsusceptible standard) 75 bÄg
P. engelmanii (Apache pine) PO CB 73 cÄg
P. pityusa (Pitzunda pine) Sy M 70 d h
P. brutia (Calabrian pine) Sy M 67 eÄi
P. halepensis (Aleppo pine)y Sy M 65 fj
P. Iambertiana (sugar pine) ST WUS 62 fj
P. greggii (Gregg pine) O CA 58 gj
P. ponderosa var. colorado (ponderosa pine) PO WUS 56 gj
P. elliottii (FAÄ2Äresistant standard) 53 hÄk
P. nigra austriaca (Austrian pine) S M 51 iÄl
P. pinea (Italian stone pine)y Pl M 50 iÄl
P. rudisz PO CA 50 iÄl
P. michoacana forma tumidaz PO CA 48 iÄm
P. oocarpa sebiedaz O CA 48 iÄm
P. nigra var. pallasiana (Austrian pine) Sy M 46jÄm
P. thunbergii (Japanese black pine)y Sy A 35 j n
P. pseudostrobus (false Weimouth pine)y PO CA 33 kÄo
P. nigra (black pine)y Sy M 32 IÄp
P. patulaz O CA 30 mÄq
P. mugo pumiloy Sy M 30 mÄq
P. montana (Swiss mountain pine) Sy M 25 mÄr
P. aristata (bristlecone pine) B WUS 22 nÄs
P. tenuifoliaz PO CA 17 nÄt
P. montana var. mughus (mountain pine) Sy M 15 oÄt
P. mugo mughus (Swiss mountain pine)y Sy M 14 p t
P. glabra (spruce pine) A EUS 13 qÄt
P. pinaster (French maritime pine) Sy M 12 qÄt
P. densiflora (Japanese red pine) Sy A 8 rÄt
P. montezumae (Montezumapine) PO CA 8 rÄt
P. massonniana (Masson pine) ST A 7 r t
P. banksiana (jack pine)y CO EUS S st
P. mesogeensisz Sy M S st
P. rigida (pitch pine)y A EUS S st
P. hartwegii (Hartweg pine) PO CA 4 st
P. resinosa (red pine) Sy EUS 0 t

u According to phylogenetic origin: A, Australes; B, Balfourianae; CA, Canarienses; CO, Contortae; O, Oocarpae; Pl, Pineae; PO, Ponderosae; ST, Strobi; and Sy, Sylvestris.
v A, Asia; CA, Central America; CB, Caribbean; Cl, Canary Islands; EUS, eastern United States; M, Mediterranean; WUS, western United States.
w Means of two runs, with two replications of 20 seedlings per run.
x Numbers followed by the same letter are not significantly different according to Duncan's multiple range test.
y Confirms previous reports of susceptibility.
z These species have no common name.


Tainter, F.H.; Anderson, R.L. (1993) Twenty-six new pine hosts of fusiform rust.
Plant Disease 77, 17-20.