EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2015 Num. article: 2015/089

First report of Erwinia amylovora in the Republic of Korea

In early May 2015, the presence of Erwinia amylovora (EPPO A2 List) was detected for the first time in the Republic of Korea on pear trees (Pyrus sp.). The bacterium was found in 3 adjacent pear orchards in the cities of Anseong and Cheonan. A delimiting survey was immediately conducted within a radius of 5 km around the infected site. As of 2015-05-29, 6 pear trees in Anseong city (3 orchards) were confirmed to be infected by E. amylovora. 330 pear trees from 14 orchards (13 orchards in Anseong city and 1 orchard in Cheonan city) are still under test. All infected pear trees have been destroyed, as well as all host plants located within a radius of 100 m around infected trees. Official control measures, including chemical sprays, prohibition to move host plants and bee hives, and specific surveys, are being implemented within a buffer zone of 5 km radius.
The pest status of Erwinia amylovora in the Republic of Korea is officially declared as: Transient, actionable, under eradication.


IPPC website (2015-05-29) First outbreak of Erwinia amylovora in Rep. of Korea.