EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2015 Num. article: 2015/081

Plant invaders in European and Mediterranean inland waters

Freshwater habitats are major biodiversity hotspots which are prone to high levels of disturbance, and impacts from both biotic and abiotic factors. Invasive aquatic plants have been shown to have significant negative impacts on biodiversity in inland waters within the EPPO region. In the present study, the author reviews the current status of 21 invasive aquatic plant species included in EPPOs invasive alien plant lists. Major pathways for these 21 species include introduction through the horticulture trade, intentional release into the environment and escape into the environment as a contaminant of specific commodities. The impacts that aquatic plants have on the fragile environments they invade is highlighted with the case of Eichhornia crassipes (EPPO A2 List). The impacts of this species include changing of the physio-chemical characteristics of the invaded waterbody which have detrimental impacts at higher trophic levels and socio-economic impacts.


Brundu G (2015) Plant invaders in European and Mediterranean inland waters: profiles, distribution, and threats. Hydrobiologia 746, 61-79.