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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/087

Diuraphis noxia does not occur in the United Kingdom

The presence of Diuraphis noxia in the United Kingdom was erroneously mentioned in the EPPO database PQR (currently under revision). The source of this record was an old datasheet (USDA, 1963). The datasheet did not provide any reference to substantiate this record, but it is now supposed that it might have been a paper written by Stroyan in 1950 on ‘recent additions to the British Aphid Fauna’ which included Cuernavaca noxius (the old name of D. noxia). It is likely that the species found was actually Cuernavaca muehlei with which D. noxia was once incorrectly synonymised. In later publications about the British aphid fauna, as well as in the two editions of ‘Aphids on the World’s Crops (Blackman and Eastop, 2000 and 2006), D. noxia is not listed as being present in the United Kingdom. Finally, D. noxia has never been caught in suction traps of the ‘Rothamsted Insect Survey’. It is now considered that this old record is erroneous and that D. noxia is absent from the United Kingdom.


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