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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1994 Num. article: 1994/121

Eggs of Aleurocanthus woglumi parasitic to citrus leaves

The egg biology of Aleurocanthus woglumi (EPPO A1 quarantine pest) was investigated in India. The citrus blackfly laid eggs on the underside of young leaves of citrus and the eggs were attached to the leaves by stalks which were inserted into the stomata and blocked them permanently. Older leaves which are less turgid and succulent have a negative effect on egg hatchability. The author concluded that the eggs require water and nutrition from the leaves and that stomatal activity, moisture content, turgidity and succulence are ideal in young leaves that are selected for oviposition. The eggs are, according to the author, parasitic on citrus leaves and their stalks carry water and nutrients from the leaves to the eggs


Katole, S.R. (1992) Scanning egg biology of Citrus blackfly.
Bioved 3, 199-204.