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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1994 Num. article: 1994/48

EPPO Distribution List of Erwinia amylovora

The transformation of the national structures in Central and Eastern Europe in relation to the emergence of new independent States has to be reflected in the distribution list for Erwinia amylovora (EPPO A2 quarantine organism), especially since several countries have now declared its eradication. Note also that the record given for Haiti (EPPO Reporting Service 524/10) has been proven erronous. The distribution list for fireblight is, at current knowledge of the EPPO secretariat as follows:

EPPO Distribution List: Erwinia amylovora

EPPO region: Belgium, Cyprus (EPPO Reporting Service 457), Czech Republic (EPPO Reporting Service 94/046), Denmark, Egypt (new outbreaks from 1983, following a much earlier outbreak in 1964 - EPPO Reporting Service 467), France (except south-east) (Larue ; Vincent, 1990), Germany, Greece (Psallidas, 1990), Ireland (EPPO Reporting Service 472), Israel (EPPO Reporting Service 459), Italy (Puglia, Sicily - EPPO Reporting Service 511), Lebanon (EPPO Reporting Service 498), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway (EPPO Reporting Service 471; Sletten, 1990), Poland, Romania, Sweden (EPPO Reporting Service 477), Turkey (Oktem ; Benlioglu, 1988), UK (EPPO Reporting Service 484; England), Ukraine, Yugoslavia (EPPO Reporting Service 509/14). The disease has been officially declared as eradicated from Bulgaria, UK (Northern Ireland) and Switzerland.

Africa: Egypt

Asia: Armenia (EPPO Reporting Service 506/08), China (unconfirmed), Israel (EPPO country), Jordan, Lebanon (potential EPPO country), Korea Republic (unconfirmed), Saudi Arabia (unconfirmed), Turkey (EPPO country), Vietnam (unconfirmed), India (Papdiwal ; Deshpande, 1978; on rose and therefore dubious). The record in Japan cited in the first edition of the EPPO data sheet (OEPP/EPPO, 1983) is an error.

North America: Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, USA.

Central America and Caribbean: Guatemala (unconfirmed).

South America: Colombia (unconfirmed). The record in Chile cited in the first edition of the EPPO data sheet (OEPP/EPPO, 1983) is an error.

Oceania: New Zealand.

This distribution list replaces all previously published EPPO distribution lists for E. amylovora.


EPPO Secretariat, Paris (1994-03)