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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/076

6th NEOBIOTA Conference: Biological Invasions in a Changing World - from Science to Management, Copenhagen (DK), 2010-09-14/17

The 6th NEOBIOTA Conference “Biological Invasions in a Changing World - from Science to Management” will be organized in Copenhagen (DK) on 2010-09-14/17.
This conference focuses on biological invasions in a changing environment, including contributions from science and management. No particular species groups, habitats or regions are emphasized. The conference invites experts in global change components that control invasions. Sessions will allow discussions on contrasting methodological approaches to biological invasions, including macroecological analyses, population models and molecular methods. Impact, risk assessment, socio-economic aspects and control of invasive species will also be addressed.
The following keynote lectures will be given:
- Invasion biology meets restoration ecology, by Richard J. Hobbs, University of Western Australia
- Climate change as driver of species invasions, Jessica J. Hellmann, University of Notre Dame, USA.
- Global change components controlling invasions: propagule pressure, land use and eutrophication, by Richard N. Mack, Washington State University, USA
- Prevention, mitigation and control of invasive species in a changing world (Laura A. Meyerson, University of Rhode Island, USA


NEOBIOTA 2010 Conference, “Biological Invasions in a Changing World - from Science to Management”. http://cis.danbif.dk/neobiota2010