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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2015 Num. article: 2015/041

National Invasive Species Awareness Week (USA) provides webinar presentations on invasive species topics

A series of invasive species webinars are available via http://www.nisaw.org/2015webinar.html as part of the national Invasive Species Awareness Week (23rd to the 27th February 2015) hosted by the National Association of Invasive Plant Councils (US). In total five webinars are available; the first looks at landscape-scale invasive plant control projects. Within the first presentation, 3 talks present varying approaches to invasive plant management from an Invasive Species Strike Team applying rapid response to invasive species management, to landscape scale partnerships and control efforts both locally and regionally. The 2nd presentation highlights the PlaycleanGo campaign aimed to raise awareness for recreational uses of outside areas throughout the US and Canada. In the 3rd presentation titled ‘Invasive plant listing: taking it up a notch with a national standard’ Loewenstein from Auburn University details how a task force in North America has been working to devise and implement an international standard to ensure consistency when compiling lists of invasive species based on environmental damage. The penultimate presentation EDDMapS, smartphone APPS and the Naisma mapping standard details some of the technology being used to map and detail the range of invasive species where data is combined from a number of organizations to strengthen the tool. The last talk in the series highlights the ‘Don’t move firewood’ campaign in North America which is concerned with the spread of invasive pests in contaminated material.


National Invasive Species Awareness Week, hosted by the National Association of Invasive Plant Councils (US). http://www.nisaw.org/2015webinar.html