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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 1995 Num. article: 1995/207

Situation of Phyllocnistis citrella in Iraq

In Iraq, Phyllocnistis citrella had been observed once in 1965 in citrus orchards near Basra, but over the last thirty years it has not been seen again by citrus growers. However, during the last two years (1993 and 1994), P. citrella has reached epidemic levels in citrus nurseries and orchards and has caused serious economic losses. Different insecticides have been evaluated to control the pest, and imidacloprid appeared as the most effective active ingredient. The EPPO Secretariat had previously no information on the situation of the citrus leaf miner in Iraq.


Anonymous (1995) Arab and Near East Plant Protection Newsletter, FAO, no. 20, p 34 ; 36.