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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2015 Num. article: 2015/018

EFSA scientific conference ‘Shaping the future of food safety, together’ (World EXPO Milano, IT, 2015-10-14/16)

On the occasion of the World EXPO 2015 taking place in Milano (IT), EFSA will organize a scientific conference entitled ‘Shaping the future of food safety, together’ on 2015-10-14/16. This conference is addressed to the scientific and risk assessment community, as well as to risk managers and risk communicators from in- and outside Europe. It will focus on two major themes: 1) Assessment Science, and 2) Science, Innovation and Society.

The conference will be organised in plenary and breakout sessions, with the latter covering the following topics:
  • Open risk assessment
  • Data: co-creating added value
  • Key challenges in scientific advice - ;Weighing evidence and assessing uncertainties
  • Nutrition challenges ahead
  • Novel chemical hazard characterisation approaches
  • Microbiological risk assessment - ;Challenges and opportunities
  • Drivers for emerging issues in animal and plant health - ;The global nutrition at risk
  • Advancing environmental risk assessment
  • Expertise for the future

For more information visit the conference’s website: www.efsaexpo2015.eu


EPPO Secretariat (2015-01).