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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 1995 Num. article: 1995/72

New species of Phytophthora infecting Rubus

In 1987 at the Scottish Crop Research Institute (GB), several raspberry plants (Rubus idaeus) showing root rot were found to be infected with a papillate Phytophthora species. Morphology, physiology, protein patterns and pathogenicity of this Phytophthora species have been compared with other Phytophthora species with papillate sporangia (especially P. cactorum) and with species that attack raspberry (P. citricola, P. syringae). The authors concluded that these papillate Phytophthora isolates from raspberry could be considered as a new species, and proposed to name it Phytophthora idaei sp. nov. This species is quite distinct from P. fragariae var. rubi.


Kennedy, D.M.; Duncan, J.M. (1995) A papillate Phytophthora species with specificity to Rubus.
Mycological Research, 99 (1), 57-68.