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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1995 Num. article: 1995/68

Scale insects of orchards in Georgia

The following species of armoured scale insects are considered as important pests of fruit trees in Georgia: Quadraspidiotus perniciosus (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) which develops two annual generations, Parlatoria oleae, Lepidosaphes ulmi, Epidiaspis leperii and Quadraspidiotus ostreaeformis. Natural enemies such as predators (Chilocorus bipustulatus and C. renipustulatus) and parasitoids (Encarsia perniciosi, Aphytis proclia, A. maculicornis and A. mytilaspidis) are able to regulate the pest populations to a large extent. Chemical control is also used. According to the EPPO Secretariat this is the first report of Q. perniciosus in Georgia.


Aleksidze, G. (1994) Armoured scale insect (Diaspididae) pests of fruit orchards and their control in the Republic of Georgia.
Phytoparasitica, 22 (3), p 258.
Abstract of a paper presented at the "7th international symposium of scale insect studies", Bet Dagan (IL), 1994-06-12/17.